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Aerospace and Defence Related Mechanisms(ARMS 2021)


INSARM has been organising national conferences on Aerospace and Defence Related Mechanisms(ARMS) biennially. Eleven conferences have been organised by various chapters so far and the last conference was held at Hyderabad in 2018. Many government agencies, industries, R&D Labs and academic institutions of India participated in this conference.


The objective of the Conference is to focus on the recent advances related to design, development, fabrication, testing and analysis as well as future concept of various aerospace and defence related mechanisms. It enables faster information exchange among mechanisms engineers on various aspects and optional experience of these mechanisms. This conference provides opportunity and a platform to present and build a network among engineers and scientists working in the similar areas.

Important Dates

Acceptance of Abstract- 10th April 2021
Receipt of Full paper- 20th October 2021
Last Date of Registration - 25th November 2021


Dr G Satheesh Reddy - Secretary, DDR&D & Chairman, DRDO

Dr K Sivan - Chairman, ISRO & Secretary, DOS

Shri PK Mehta - NDC DS, DG(ACE)

National Advisory Committee

Chairman : Dr V Venkateswara Rao, OS & Director, ARDE


Shri Sangam Sinha, DG (R&M)
Dr Dasharath Ram, Director DRDL
Shri S Somanath, Director VSSC
Dr BHVS Narayana Murthy, Director RCI
Shri P Kunhikrishnan, Director URSC
Dr MRM Babu, Director ASL
Dr Girish S Deodhare, Director ADA
Shri P M Kurulkar, Director R&DE
DrS Venugopal, Director ADE
Shri KPS Murthy, Director HEMRL
Shri AK Saxena, Director ADRDE
Dr SV Gade, Director VRDE

Dr V Narayanan, Director LPSC
Shri A Rajarajan, Director SDSC-SHAR
Shri S Unnikrishnan Nair, Director HSFC
Dr D Sam DayalaDev, Director IISU
Shri Nilesh M Desai, Director, SAC
Dr KAiaguvelu, Director IPRC
Cmdr. Siddharth Mishra, CMD BDL
Dr Sanjay Kumar Jha, CMD MIDHANI
Shri V Balamurugan, Director CVRDE
Dr CP Ram Narayan, VC DIAT-DU

Shri R Madhavan, CMD HAL
Shri MK Abdul Majeed, Founder President
Shri Jitendra J Jadhav, Director CSIR-NAL
Shri G Nagesh, President Bengaluru Chapter
Shri VK Dixit, Associate Director ARDE
Shri V Kishorenath, President TVM Chapter



Dr HH Kumar, Sc'G'
Shri RD Misal, Sc'G'
Shri MV Ramesh Kumar, Sc'G'
Shri RP Pandey, Sc'G'
Shri SK Nayak, Sc 'G'
Dr Smita D Naik, Sc'G'
Dr PP Parkhi, Sc'G'
Shri PK Bakshi, Sc'G'
Shri Sala Rambabu, Sc'G'
Shri Pravin W Sonawane, Sc'G'
Ms VS Tamhankar, Sc'G
Shri Nair Prakash NP, Sc'G'
Shri SM Shelar, Sc'G'
Shri Sanjay Kumar, Sc'G

Chairman: Shri RP Pandey, Sc'G'

Convenor: Shri PSSRK Prasad, Sc'G'

Member Secretary:Shri S Harikrishnan, Sc'G'


Shri Arvind Kumar, Sc'G'
Shri Ajay KumarVishwakarma, Sc'F'


Shri DB Pedram, Sc'H'
Dr Makarand Joshi, Sc'G'


Dr DG Thakur, Professor
Dr Pooja Agrawal, Asst. Professor
Dr Soumya S, Asst. Professor


DrGanesh Kakandikar, Professor
Dr Sanjay Havaldar, Professor

Secretaries of INSARM

Dr R Srinivasan, Hyderabad Chapter
Shri NS Murali, Bengaluru Chapter
Shri Shiju Thomas, Trivandrum Chapter
Shri KD Diwakar, Agra Chapter


Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit original papers for the conference. Selection will be based on extended abstract (500 to 800 words). Abstract submission details are available on the conference website. Abstract can be also sent to arms2021@insarmpune.org. Best papers will be recommended to be published in Defence Science Journal. Option of online presentation will be made available.
The conference topics will be generally on mechanisms for guided rockets, missiles, launch vehicles, satellites, aircraft, interplanetary mission and defence systems having strategic, scientific and commercial applications.
Areas of specific interest are

Mechanisms in launch vehicles I Missiles I Aircraft I Helicopters I Satellites I UAVs I Underwater systems.

Design, Analysis, Modelling, Simulation of Systems for Aerospace & Defence Mechanisms.

M EMs devices, Smart Mechanism

Warhead, Armaments, Fuzes and Safe Arm Mechanism

Aerospace Mechanisms for the future

Automation in Defence equipment and Aerospace industry

Reliability and Life cycle study of mechanisms

Robotics, Space docking, Berthing and Rover mechanisms

Artificial Intelligence for Aerospace Systems

Multiagent and Swarm Robotics

Guidance, Navigation and Control for UAVs

Tribologyfor Aerospace & Defence Applications

Ejection systems for Missiles and Launch vehicles, Crew modules, Parachute & Stabilization systems

Positioning and Pointing Devices

Recovery Mechanisms


An Online Exhibition of newly developed Mechanisms and related products is being planned as part of the conference. Participated industries will be provided 100MB storage to upload their profile video/product brochures on virtual platform.

Exhibition Fee: Rs. 5,ooo/- for 100MB.