INSARM - A Preamble

A large number of mechanisms are involved in launch vehicles, missiles and satellite systems, which are crucial for any mission success. Evidently, mechanisms play a vital role in aerospace technology and the scientific community indulgences more on design and analysis of these systems for better prediction of its intended use, before it is put to actual operation. Innovative solutions for the problems in the areas of design, fabrication and testing with the state of the art technology, taking cost-effective, autonomous and reliability aspects into account, were the need of the hour and this is precisely what INSARM is aimed at in propagating the goal set-forth.

INSARM - History

The first national level seminar on Aerospace and Related Mechanisms Symposium (ARMS) was conducted in 1985 at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram. With the participation of 38 organizations and publication of numerous technical papers, the need to have inter-link and close ties among the scientific community was articulated, with a vision for venturing into a resolute platform. This commitment to meet the national obligations was followed by the formation of National Advisory Council under the chairmanship of Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam with Shri. MK. Abdul Majeed as the General Secretary. A key feature of the council was to prepare an expert panel in the field of mechanisms.

INSARM - Objectives and Purposes

 To promote R&D activity on aerospace and related mechanisms and to foster a feeling of fellowship among the members of the society.

 To encourage widespread dissemination of knowledge and skills gained through research and experience in R&D institutions on aerospace and related mechanisms among its members and other professionals, through collaborative research, seminars, conferences, workshops, journals and other aids which the society may organize and develop progressively.